Friday, January 15, 2010

Human Target gets a season pass

I was pleasantly surprised by Human Target's first episode, and I suggest you set the DVR.

It's light, fun, there's enough action and surely the writers have seen Burn Notice.

Much like 24, another Fox shows wastes a BSG alum, this time they don't give Tricia Helfer enough to do.

Doc Cottle also makes a more interesting appearance, and the show has a cool quietly menacing guy named Guerrero I hope we see more of.  Chi McBride shows up in yet another TV show, and he's generic in this one too.  I guess he has a nice development deal or someone has decided he needs to be a star.

I hope episode 2 is as entertaining.  The series will never be great, and Burn Notice does it better - but it's not a bad watch.

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