Monday, January 18, 2010

Human Target episode 2: still good!

Yay, a new TV series makes the "keeper" list.

As I said on Friday, Human Target is in that same style as Burn Notice (although cheesier and not as much fun) and a good watch.

There's a lot of Galactica DNA in this show.  This week we don't get Tricia Helfer but we do get the guy that played Gaeta, and Gaeta is looking old.

This week we're on a plane, and "main guy who probably has a name, and it might be Chase" is flying the plane because he's an expert in everything.

That Guerrero guy I liked in the pilot is still on the show, but far less interesting this time.  Now he just eats chinese food and hacks computers, I liked him better when he seemed menacing.

I'm kinda hoping this show is like the early Miami Vice where they suddenly killed the original lieutenant.  I'd like to see that with Chi McBride's character.  Actually, much like Vice and with all the Galactica DNA let's get Olmos in here.

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